Get to know Jesus! This is what it's all about. Whether this is your first exposure to church and Christianity or whether you have been a Christian for many years, our hope is that you will get to know Jesus. All of our resources, like Sunday Messages, First Steps, and Next Steps, are all about Jesus and available to you for free.





There is a bilingual message each Sunday at the worship service. We learn from the Bible about Jesus and apply it to our lives. Check out past messages below.


出エジプト記:自由 Exodus: FREEDOM
We were slaves to sin until Jesus set us free. Yet we are prone to turn back to that which once enslaved us (Galatians 4:9)—sins, false religions, philosophies, human traditions, passions, pleasures, and legalistic works of the law. For freedom Christ has set us free! How does God liberate us from various forms of slavery and what does a life of freedom in Christ look like?

GENESIS: God’s Story・Our Story

Genesis is the story of humanity—our beginning, our fall, our hope, our struggle and journey of life. But this story reveals so much more than our story, it is God’s story. It shows us God’s glory—his plan, God’s faithfulness, love, grace, providence, compassion, and justice. Our story reveals God’s glory.

A study through "The Letter to the Colossians" from the Bible.
We want to grow spiritually. We feel the negative effects of spiritual immaturity: dissatisfaction, lack of joy, stress, inability to forgive, problems in relationships... But God's good plan for us is GROWTH. What is spiritual growth? And how do we grow? Let's find out what it means to GROW in maturity in Jesus as we study the Bible together!

Psalms is a book of songs in the Bible written by worshippers of God 3000 years ago. In the Psalms, you can find a song for almost every emotion in life--from praise to lament. These songs teach us about God and how to live, love, and worship. And these songs lead us to abundant life in Jesus!

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イースター Easter
Everything in Jesus’ life, everything in Bible, and everything in history anticipated one event—the cross of Jesus Christ. In this final section of the Gospel According to Luke we investigate the final events of Jesus’ life, learn about his death on the cross, celebrate his resurrection and find out how this changes our lives forever. (Luke 20-24)

イエスと共に歩む Walking With Jesus
Jesus invites everyone to follow him and become his disciple. But to what kind of life does Jesus invite us? And what must we leave behind? Being a Christian is walking with Jesus in life. This is the third series investigating the life of Jesus in the Gospel According to Luke. (Luke 9-19)

イエスに出会う Encountering Jesus
Encountering Jesus—his way, his teaching, his mission, he himself—we are changed. This is the second series investigating the life of Jesus in the Gospel According to Luke. (Luke 3-8)

みんなのためのクリスマス Christmas for Everyone
Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus--the Son of God coming into the world to save us from sin and reconcile us to God. The good news of Christmas is for everyone. This is the first of four series investigating the life of Jesus in The Gospel According to Luke. (Luke 1-2)

神様の栄光のため To Glorify God
The Mission of Mustard Seed Network is to glorify God by making disciples through planting gospel-centered churches in urban Japan.

希望の実現 Hope Realized
We have real problems in our lives. But what hope is there? Hope became reality at the cross of Jesus Christ. This six-part message series explores what Jesus accomplished at the cross and how that affects our lives today.

人生の計画案 Blueprint
What direction should I go? How do I know which way is best? God has a plan for your life. And his plan is best! This series explores the book of Nehemiah to see how we can discern, follow, and thrive in God’s plan for our life.

マルコの福音書 The Gospel of Mark
Who is Jesus?" "What does that mean for my life today?" The Gospel of Mark is a historically reliable account of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. For over six months we investigated the identity of Jesus and saw how he changes our lives for the better forever.